Shirley & Mickey Bruleigh Memorial 7/11

Shirley & Mickey Bruleigh Memorial 7/11

Pierson dominates in two sanctioned divisions taking the checkers in the DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds and the USAC DMA Midgets


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BRADFORD, VT – Midseason Championship double points Shirley & Mickey Bruleigh Memorial night afforded a packed house plenty of racing excitement with competitors duking it out for the top points. It I hard to believe that this event marked the half way point to the season, but rest assured there is still plenty of edge of your seat racing available for the fans with the points battles starting to take shape and eager drivers looking for their first win of the season.

The DIRTcar Bond Auto Parts took to the track for 50 laps of competition and Tim Tucker got the jump early to lead the first quarter of the race. By lap twelve Richie Simmons had worked his way from twelfth taking advantage of several early cautions to take the lead from Tucker. It was all Simmons and Tucker for the next eleven laps until Adam Pierson having made his way to the front, taking advantage of several cautions on lap twenty three. Simmons would fall one more spot to Josh Sunn who claimed the second spot with two laps to go. When the checkers waved it was Pierson for the win with Sunn and Simmons completing the victory lane podium. Robert Tucker and Jason Gray completed the top five.

Having not raced last week the drivers were itchy for competition in the DIRTcar Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes when they hit the track for the 35 lap main event. Several cautions would slow the pace of this event as well giving some of the veterans a chance to make their way to the front of the pack. Todd Hayward enjoyed the lead early falling prey to Tim Hodge on lap fourteen. Hodge held on to the point until lap twenty when Matt Ellsworth said move on over it is my turn to rule. Ellsworth held on for his first win of the season, with Bob Shepard and Tim Hodge joining him in victory lane. Melvin Pierson and Earl Maxham made their ways from deep in the field to complete the top five.

In the USAC DMA Midgets it was Manafort versus Matczak as these two dominate teams by lap fourteen had knocked off all the competition to do battle for the top three spots. Pierson was not to be denied yet another win for his record book holding off the hard fought charges of Derek Graham in only this third appearance in a Midget. Pierson’s team mate Josh Sunn came home in third with Graham’s team mate Kevin Chaffed coming home in fourth. Scott Holcomb from the Miller Stable completed the top five.

In the Crazy Ed’s Limited Late Models it was craziness once again for the field. When the checkers waived James Fadden edged out Matt Lashua for the win with Erick Lange coming home in third.

Mike Ryan was finally able to make his way back to the top in the Weglarz Property Service/F.M.S. Auto Parts Four Cylinders. With a short field of cars Ryan made his way and took the point from Sean Perron on lap eight. On his shirt tails was Matt Boucher who fell back mid-way thru the race but was able to climb back to third finishing behind the rookie Justin Severance. Perron held on for fourth with Jim Durkee taking fifth.

Bear Ridge Speedway’s 48th season of stock car racing continues on Saturday, July 18th for Celebrity Media Night and the return of Kenny Schrader in competition in the USAC DMA Midgets. A full card of racing plus the Granite State Mini Sprints is what can be seen when you make your way to the Ridge on the 18th! Regular admission pricing applies for the 99Rock Weekly Racing Series at $10 for adults (age 18-61), $8 for teens (12-17) and seniors (62+), and $2 for children; Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Racing begins at the famous “6:00-ish” start time.

Bear Ridge Speedway is located on Kidder Road in Bradford, VT, just off Exit 16 on Interstate 91. For more information, call (802) 222-4052 or visit


UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – Shirley & Mickey Bruleigh Memorial night

99ROCK Weekly Racing Series

Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT

Saturday, July 11th, 2015


Bond Auto DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Feature (50 laps)

1st       15        Adam Pierson

2nd      11        Josh Sunn

3rd       34        Richie Simmons

4th       42T      Robert Tucker

5th       OO      Jason Gray

6th       91        Tim Tucker

7th       73        Kevin Chaffee

8th       o1        Mike Gendron

9th       4          DJ Robinson

10th     10        Derek Graham

11th     24        Jordan Fornwalt

12th     42c      Josh Currier

13th     1x        TC Forward

14th     17        Travis Shinn

15th     10s      Ryan Christian

16th     5          Gary Siemons

17th     79        Ray Johnson

18th     9          Michael Dunn

19th     12c      Jamie Ferland®

20th     12        Steve Bell®

21st     88        Thomas Kimball

22nd    40        Steven Flint®

23rd     115      Tom Forward
Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupe Feature (35 laps)


1st       21e      Matt Ellsworth

2nd      28        Bob Shepard

3rd       2          Tim Hodge

4th       33        Melvin Pierson

5th       43        Earl Maxham

6th       22        Thomas Placey

7th       11        Martin Mastic

8th       18        Jason Colbeth

9th       5          Jonathon Covey®

10th     71        Josh Harrington

11th     44        Michael Danforth

12th     16        Brian Chaffee

13th     13        Buster Kathan

14th     17        Todd Hayward®

15th     3          Jason Horniak

16th     8          Gene Pierson

17th     24        Jeremy Beckley


USAC DMA Midgets Feature (25 laps)

1          76        Adam Pierson

2          5          Derek Graham

3          67        Josh Sunn

4          4          Kevin Chaffee

5          47        Scott Holcomb

6          46        Kenney Johnson

7          69        Dean Christensen

8          57        Dylan Duhaime

9          12        Adam Whitney

10        15        Jeff Champagne

11        1R       Jeff Horn

12        17        Mark Cole

13        1W       Ray Miller

14        9          David Moniz

15        11        Alex Rose

16        10c      Ryan Christian

17        18c      Mike Chaffee


Crazy Ed’s Limited Late Model Feature (20 laps)

1st       91        James Fadden

2nd      18        Matt     Lashua

3rd       66        Eric      Lang

4th       5T        Travis  Smith

5th       83        Tim      Martin ®

6th       3          David   Stearns

7th       24        Bobby Bell


Weglarz Property Management/F.M.S. Auto Parts 4-Cylinder Feature (20 laps)


1st       86        Mike    Ryan

2nd      4J        Justin   Severance ®

3rd       61        Matt     Boucher

4th       8          Sean    Perron

5th       28        Jim      Durkee

6th       65        Robert Welch ®

7th       88        Jesse   Durkee

8th       3          Charlie Lakin

9th       2          Devin   Stearns

10th     68        Derrik  Durkee

11th     11        Kaitlyn Coates

(DNS)  31        Lisa      Austin

Blackmount Semi Feature winner 4j Justin Severance




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