Where Can I Purchase Tickets?
At the gate on race night

What Time Do The Races Start And End?
First green at our infamous 6:00pm(ish) and we have an 11:00 curfew

Is Camping Available?

What Types Of Food Do You Sell At The Track?
Hand cut fries, gravy fries, oinion rings fresh ground beef burgers (from the local slaughter house :}) chicken, hot dogs, fried dough, pop corn, hand made pizza, candy, icecream soda, coffee, water occassional specials (ie sausage and onions)

What Accommodations Do You Have For Handicap?
arking by grand stand entrance, wheel chair area at top of grandstands (grand stands sit on natural bank looking down to track) bathrooms are handicap accessable

What Are The Track Seating Options?
General admission for all seating

Should I Bring Anything Specific?
Cushion or stadium chair

What Items Are Not Allowed At The Track?
lcohol — we pride ourselves on being family friendly and do not allow alcohol in the grandstands