Shaker Valley Auto Spencer Rocke Memorial Press

Shaker Valley Auto Spencer Rocke Memorial Press

Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Mods victory lane filled with Rookies
Jason Porter gets the win in the Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders

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BRADFORD, VT – The Spencer Rocke memorial night sponsored by Shaker Valley Auto offered the fans great racing excitement, over 40 active members in the Bear Ridge Speedway Kids Club a brand new bike, and a song courtesy of the last man standing with a bike from the Lumber Jacks Hockey team on hand to support their driver Trever Rocke
The finish almost couldn’t have been any better in the DIRTcar Sabil & Sons Sportsman Modifieds, who put on a whale of a show for the fans only being slowed for a spit one time. With twenty four cars on the track the drive to the front can be challenging and for the fans you gotta pay attention to keep up with your favorite driver when the fast paced action isn’t slowed by caution. This also gives the guys in the front, if up to the challenge, the opportunity to hopefully pull away from the pack. Tommy Kimball led the first 10 circuits before handling problems saw him fade to the back over the next 30 laps. Trever Rocke son of Spencer found himself taking over the point and held on for the next 16 before being over taken by his friend Todd Buckwold. Buckwold has been strong all season and like Rocke not quite able to hold on till the end, but tonight he was not going to let it happen again. Buckwold held on to the lead to grab the win, his first of the season, helping to solidify his rookie points standings and to make him eligible to compete in the second annual Growler event held on the last night exclusively for the Sportsman Mod winners. Rocke came home in second and Matt Lashua with his best finish of the season crossed the line in third. Adam Pierson and Jordan Fornwalt completed the top five.
In the DIRTcar Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes struggled a bit to get their event recorded in the record books. When the action finally swung into gear and the laps ticked off Michael Danforth and Jason Horniac were seen to be the men on the move. Coming from deep in the pack they worked their way to the front picking up Josh Harrington along the way. When the checkers waived on their thirty lap main it was Danforth with his third win of the season crossing the line first. Harrington crossed the line in second and Horniak joined them in victory lane in third. Matt Ellsworth last week’s feature winner came home fourth with Todd Hayward completing the top five.
The Laquerre Sports USAC DMA Midgets were off this week and will return on the seventeenth to compete in the last two nights of the season.
Wayland Childs gets another win in the Mike Rivers Automotive Limited Late Models over taking Derrek Stearns at the half way point and holding on to cross the line first. Stearns held on for second with Tim Martin coming home in third. John Fields and Bryan Campbell completed the top five.
Percerverance prevails in the Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders. Hailing over from Maine and seeming never to catch a break, Jason Porter realized his hard efforts with his first win and of course best finish of the season. Porter got the point on lap one, and never looked back until the checkers waived. After carrying the checkered flag around the track he joined Jim Durkee finishing in second and Mike Ryan who crossed the line in third in victory lane. Danny Doyle and Jesse Durkee rounded out the top five.
The Granite State Mini Sprints were on hand for their last appearance at the Ridge in 2016. In the Tanner Siemons crossed the line first with Sean Beinhaur. In the 600’s Kyle Belliveau grabs the win over Tony Shaw and Adam Cunningham
Bear Ridge Speedway’s 49th season of stock car racing is quickly winding down with only two weeks left. Coming up this Saturday, September 17th it is the New England Dirt Track Championships Night. Sponsored by Newport Chevrolet. The full card of racing features the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds, Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, Laquerre’s Sports USAC DMA Midgets Mike Rivers Automotive Limited Late Models, and the Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders. Plus the Sprint Cars of New England. This is the last night for the Four Cylinders and the Late Models. Special admission pricing applies: $13.00 adults; $10.00 teens & seniors, and $2 for children; Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Racing begins at the famous “6:00-ish” start time.
Bear Ridge Speedway is located on Kidder Road in Bradford, VT, just off Exit 16 on Interstate 91. For more information, call (802) 222-4052 or visit

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – Shaker Valley Auto Spencer Rocke Memorial Night
99ROCK Weekly Racing Series
Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT
Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Feature (40 Laps)
1st 631 Todd Buckwold ®
2nd 63 Trever Rocke ®
3rd 18 Matt Lashua ®
4th 15 Adam Pierson
5th 24 Jordan Fornwalt
6th OO Jason Gray
7th 42T Robert Tucker
8th 70 Lenny Pillsbury ®
9th 97 Terry Williams ®
10th 34 Richie Simmons
11th 4 DJ Robinson
12th 91nh James Fadden ®
13th 10s Ryan Christian
14th 42c Josh Currier
15th 9 Michael Dunn
16th 91 Tim Tucker
17th 5 Gary Siemons
18th 17 Blaine Dorman
19th F82 Thomas Kimball
20th 1x TC Forward
21st 70c Kevin Dickenson
22nd 40 Steven Flint
23rd 21 Brian Bishop
24th 143 Don Lashua
Heat race one winner: Steve Flint
Heat race two winner: Trevor Rocke
Heat race three winner: Ryan Christian

Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupe Feature (30 Laps)
1 44 Michael Danforth
2 71 Josh Harrington
3 3 Jason Horniak
4 21e Matt Ellsworth
5 17 Todd Hayward
6 5c Mike Chaffee
7 28 Bob Shepard
8 18 Jason Colbeth
9 22 Thomas Placey
10 56 Chris LaForest ®
11 13 Buster Kathan
12 78 Stan Otterman
13 16 Brian Chaffee
14 2 Earl Maxham
15 42 Tyler Maxham ®Heat winners:
Heat one: Buster Kathan
Heat two: Josh Harrington

Laquerre’s Sports USAC DMA Midgets Feature (25 laps)
Off return 9/17/16
Heat Winners:
Heat one:
Heat two:
Elliott Beverage Dash winner:

Mike Rivers Automotive Limited Late Model Feature (20 Laps)
1st O2 Wayland Childs ®
2nd 3 Derrick Stearns
3rd 83 Tim Martin
4th 2 John Fields
5th 37 Bryan Campbell
6th o5 Chad Martin
7th 87s Mike Stender

Weglarz Property Management 4-Cylinder Feature (20 laps)
1st 13 Jason Porter
2nd 9 Jim Durkee
3rd 86 Mike Ryan
4th o2 Danny Doyle
5th 88 Jesse Durkee
6th 8 Sean Perron
7th 65 Robert Welch
8th 3 Charlie Lakin
9th 49 Kevin LaForest ®
10th 36 Chris Cole
11th 17 Shane Stygles
Contact: April May Preston Email:
Phone: (802) 222-4052