JTB Towing & Recovery Night wins go to Matt Lashua in the Sportsman Modifieds, Seth Carlson in the USAC Dirt Midgets and Josh Harrington in the Sportsman Coupes

JTB Towing & Recovery Night wins go to Matt Lashua in the Sportsman Modifieds, Seth Carlson in the USAC Dirt Midgets and Josh Harrington in the Sportsman Coupes


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JTB Towing & Recovery night at Bear Ridge Speedway was entertaining as double points were on the line for the Mid-Season Championship event that concluded with another spectacular Fireworks show. Also on the card were the Granite State Mini-Sprints for the annual Len West Memorial. The evening kicked off with a makeup Feature for the Peanuts Auto 4-Cylinder division with Buddy Welch in victory lane. Matt Lashua took win number two on the season in the Sabil & Sons Sportsman Modifieds with the Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes seeing Josh Harrington roll to the win continuing the no repeat winners theme. Seth Carlson was a dominant winner in the USAC Dirt Midgets and Ryan Christian won again in the C.A. Miller Limited Late Models. The regular Peanuts Auto 4-Cylinder event saw Kevin LaForest take the win. Riley Chaffee won the Granite State Mini-Sprint 500cc Main with Drew Eldridge best in the 600’s.
The 40-lap DIRTcar Sabil & Sons Sportsman Modified feature saw Mike Dunn fire from the pole position and take the lead. He held the top spot through four cautions but on lap 21 Matt Lashua worked by Dunn to take the lead and a few laps later Chris Donnelly also slipped by Dunn to take second with Kevin Chaffee following to third a lap later. While Matt Lashua was building his lead Donnelly and Chaffee were battling for second with Kevin Chaffee claiming the spot on a restart with four laps remaining in the feature. At the Checkers it was Matt Lashua with his second win of the season. Points leader Kevin Chaffee was second with Jordan Fornwalt making a late race pass to take third. Chris Donnelly faded to fourth with Richie Simmons fifth
The Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes continued to see parity as the normal with Josh Harrington authoring a dominating performance, leading all 30-laps in the feature to take the win. With the win Harrington became the tenth different winner in as many weeks. Cody Copeland and Tanner Siemons swapped the second spot numerous times in the first half of the race before Siemons pulled away to claim the second spot with Bob Kilburn following him to third. Tad Kingsbury climbed to fourth with Cody Copeland fifth at the checkers.
The USAC DMA Midget Feature saw Justin Sheridan take the lead early and hold it through a couple of cautions before Seth Carlson, who started eleventh, took command on lap seven. From there it was all Carlson as he motored away to the win. Adam Whitney was second with Will Hull third. Joe Krawiec and Justin Sheridan rounded out the top five.
Ryan Christian took another win in the C.A. Miller Limited Late Models, taking the lead from Nicholas Longley just three laps into the event and running unchallenged to the checkers. Longley was second with Matt Piper third Tyler Tremblay was fourth and Jesse Dunham fifth
The Peanuts Auto makeup 4-Cylinder Feature saw Buddy Welch run to the front early and take the win unchallenged while an intense battle brewed behind him. When the dust had settled it was Buddy Welch with the win and Kevin LaForest second. Jason Porter was third with Own Carbee fourth and Kelly Miller Jr fifth. The regular feature found Kelly Miller Jr run to a large lead only to be tracked down and passed by Kevin LaForest on Lap thirteen. From there LaForest would go on to claim the win with Buddy Welch second, Owen Carbee third, Kelly Miller Jr crossed the line fourth but was disqualified in post race tech moving Jason Porter to fourth and Garrett Brown fifth.
The Granite State Mini-Sprints held their annual Len West Memorial event with Riley Chaffee taking the win in the 500cc class followed by Tom Chaffee in second and Tyler Vickery third. In the 600cc class Drew Eldridge took the victory with Joe Kemp second and Tyler Jones third
Bear Ridge Speedway’s 52nd season of dirt car racing continues Saturday, July 20, 2019 sponsored by Casella Waste night, featuring a full card of racing for the 99Rock weekly racing series, with the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds, Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, C.A. Miller Inc Limited Late Models with their Madness night, and the Peanuts Auto Four Cylinders with their madness night. Plus the Granite State Mini Sprints. USAC DMA Midgets will return to action July 27th.
Special admission pricing for the 99Rock Weekly Racing Series is $10 for adults (age 18-61), $8 teens (12-17) and seniors (62+), and $2 for children; Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Racing begins at the famous “6:00-ish” start time.
Bear Ridge Speedway is as an alcohol-free family friendly entertainment spot, with our goal to make each experience at the Ridge better than the last. Remember “Dirt where every lap is the last lap” we continue to offer the best source of good inexpensive high quality entertainment for families.
Bear Ridge Speedway is located off exit 16 of I91 on to Rte 25 west 1 mile to South Road up the hill to Kidder Rd. The green will wave every Saturday at 6:00 pm(ish). Be sure to check the web www.bearridgespeedway.com Questions can be sent to brsdirt@charter.net

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – 52nd Season of Racing R&R Property Maintenance night MAKE UP
99ROCK Weekly Racing Series
Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT
Saturday June 29, 2019

Four Cylinders Make Up Race
1st 65 Robert Welch
2nd 49 Kevin LaForest
3rd 13 Jason Porter
4th 5 Owen Carbee
5th 0vt Kelly Miller Jr
6th 66 Robert Audet
7th 87 Don Reynolds
8th 51 Westley Blake®
9th 60 Kyle Ashford
10th 9 Zach Audet
11th 89 Garrett Brown
12th 55 Rick Stygles
13th 83 Mike Sherburne
14th 97 Joshua Paton
15th 27 Dustin Towle®
16th 12 Devin Spinks
98 Tom Brown (DNS)

HEAT one winner: ` Garrett Brown
HEAT two winner: Buddy Welch

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – 52nd Season of Racing JTB Towing and Recovery night
99ROCK Weekly Racing Series
Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT
Saturday July 13, 2019

Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds (40 Laps)
1st 18 Matt Lashua
2nd 73 Kevin Chaffee
3rd 24 Jordan Fornwalt
4th 91 Chris Donnelly
5th 34 Richie Simmons
6th 9 Michael Dunn
7th 2nh Tanner Siemons
8th 10s Ryan Christian
9th 97 Terry Williams
10th 6 Jeremy Huntoon
11th 40 Steven Flint
12th 86 Mike Ryan
13th 631 Todd Buckwold
14th 42T Robert Tucker
15th 17 Jim Morgan
16th 36 Brian Whittemore
17th 8 Steven Lary
18th 78 Josh Ruel
19th 14 Nathan Locke
20th 21 Randy Geake DNS

HEAT one: Steve Lary
Heat two: Tanner Siemons

Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupe Feature (30 laps)
1st 71 Josh Harrington
2nd 5 Tanner Siemons
3rd 77j Robert Kilburn
4th O9 Tad Kingsbury
5th 18 Cody Copeland
6th 33 Melvin Pierson
7th 12 Cody Gregoropoulos
8th 1 Jeremy Hodge
9th 16 Brian Chaffee
10th 23 Derek Stearns
11th 3 Jason Horniak
12th 17 Tyler Maxham
13th 63 Mike Stender
14th 56 Chris LaForest

HEAT one: Tanner Siemons
HEAT two: Robert Kilburn

USAC DMA Midgets Feature (25 laps)
1st 2 Seth Carlson
2nd 12 Adam Whitney
3rd 3 Will Hull
4th 1B Joe Krawiec
5th 16 Justin Phillips
6th 17 Justin Sheridan®
7th 42 Manny Dias
8th 77 Jeffrey Champagne
9th A-1 Jeff Horn
10th 7x Dan Douville
11th 10 Jack Arute
12th 5 Steve Midford
13th 55 Mike Netishen
14th 18c Mike Chaffee

HEAT one: Justin Phillips
HEAT two: Joe Krawiec

C.A. Miller Limited Late Model Feature (20 laps)
1st 10c Ryan Christian
2nd 316 Nicholas Longley
3rd 29 Matt Piper
4th 32 Tyler Tremblay
5th 71 Jesse Dunham
6th 83 Thomas Crates
7th 3 Devin Stearns (D’qd)

HEAT one: Ryan Christian

Peanuts Auto Four Cylinders
1st 49 Kevin LaForest
2nd 65 Robert Welch
3rd 5 Owen Carbee
4th 13 Jason Porter
5th 89 Garrett Brown
6th 83 Mike Sherburne
7th 66 Robert Audet
8th 87 Don Reynolds
9th 7 Cary Hunter
10th 9 Zach Audet
11th 60 Kyle Ashford
12th 75 Chase LaFoe
13th 51 Westley Blake®
14th 55 Rick Stygles
15th 29 Justin Carbee
16th 23 Hunter Hannon
17th 12 Devin Spinks
18th 98 Tom Brown
19th 27 Dustin Towle®
20th 97 Joshua Paton
0vt Kelly Miller Jr (D’qd) Failed post race inspection

HEAT one: Westley Blake
HEAT two: Kelly Miller
HEAT three: Buddy Welch

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