Bear Ridge Speedway Honors 46th Season Champions

Bear Ridge Speedway Honors 46th Season Champions

FAIRLEE, VT – Bear Ridge Speedway honored the champions from its 46th Season of dirt track stock car racing on Saturday, November 29. More than 320 drivers, crew members, sponsors, fans, and officials filled a sold-out banquet hall at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT for the gala, and more than $25,000 in prizes and point fund purses was awarded.

Chris Donnelly of Orford, NH headlined the guest list as the Bond Auto Parts DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Champion. Donnelly collected his eighth title spanning six different divisions of racing at Bear Ridge Speedway. Donnelly topped runner-up Jason Gray of East Thetford VT, by just 15 points, Kevin Chaffee of Fairlee VT followed by Derek Graham of Woodsville NH, and Gary Siemons of Orford NH rounded out the top five. TC Forward of Lyme NH won the Rookie of the Year title, winning one feature along the way and finishing sixth in points.

Jason Colbeth of Newbury VT was honored as the Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupe champion. Colbeth won the title on consistency as he only finished out of the top 10 four times. Josh Harrington of Topsham, VT finished second ahead of Thomas Placey of Bradford VT. Michael Danforth of Corinth VT finished in fourth just three points ahead of Logan Oliver of Groton VT and Jeff Robbins of Woodsville NH who tied for fifth. Michael Danforth of Corinth VT claimed the rookie of the year title.

Adam Pierson of Corinth VT claimed the USAC Dirt Midget Association Championship in dominate fashion. Pierson’s nine wins made it next to impossible for second place and team mate Josh Sunn of White River Jct VT to set any challenge for the title. Scott Holcomb of No Granby, CT was third. Scott Viets of East Granby was fourth and Mike Chaffee of Corinth, VT was fifth. Tim Hodge of Vershire VT claimed the rookie of the year title.

Veteran Jason Giguere of Lebanon, NH was named the Laquerre’s Sports Limited Late Model champion for the second year in a row, winning eight times thru the season. James Fadden of Lebanon, NH was second. Mike Greene III of Grantham NH was third. Rookie of the year, Rob Williams of Plainfield NH came home fourth, beating out his rookie contender by 15 points Kevin Harran of St Johnsbury VT who completed the top five.

Rob Gioia of Thetford, VT won his first Weglarz Property Service Fast Four championship in a dominating fashion, crossing the line first 19 times for the Fast Fours. Second went to Don Reynolds of Springfield, VT, third was Jacob Roy, and Rookie Devin Stearns of Bradford VT was fourth.

Vershire VTs driver Mike Ryan beat out Good Time Charlie Lakin of Groton VT for the championship in the NAPA Auto Parts Hornet title. Chris LaForest from Barre VT finished third for the second year in a row. Cody Stearns of E Corinth VT was fourth with Bobby Bell of St Johnsbury VT in fifth.

Special awards were given in several categories, headlined by the prestigious John Poor Memorial Award, given annually to one driver from each of the Modified and Coupe divisions. John Poor was an important official at Bear Ridge Speedway for many years and the award bearing his name is given to drivers who elevate the sport of stock car racing through exceptional conduct on and off the track. This year the awards were given to two rookies DJ Robinson in the Modified division and Logan Oliver in the Coupe division.

The Raymond /Cliff Bullis Memorial Award for performance on the track and conduct in the pit area was awarded to DJ Robinson in the Modifieds, Logan Oliver in the Coupes, Joe Krawiec in the Midgets, Kevin Harran in the Limited Late Models, Don Reynolds in the Fast Fours, and Mike Ryan in the Hornets.

The Bob Shepard “Drive, Desire, Determination and Dedication” award, given by an anonymous fan sponsor was awarded to Jack Cook of Moultonboro NH.

Kevin Chaffee was the winner of the Modified division’s annual Sportsmanship Award. Jason Colbeth won similar honors in the Coupe division, as did USAC Midget driver Mike Chaffee. In the Late Models the award went to Kevin Harran, and Don Reynolds earned the honors in the Hornet/Fast Fours.

Race fans voted Travis Shinn as the People’s Choice Most Popular Driver in the Modified division. Similar honors went to Mitchell Frost in the Coupes, Mike Chaffee in the Midgets, James Fadden in the Late Models, Don Reynolds in the Fast Fours, and Mike Ryan in the Hornets.

The Big Al’s Photos “What A Picture” Hard Luck Awards were given to Modified driver Gary Siemons, Coupe veteran Earl Maxham, Midget driver Scott Holcomb, Late Model driver Cary Moulton, Hornet/Fast Four driver Alicia Taylor.

Veteran Gary Siemons was given the Lap Leader Award for the Modified division with Jason Colbeth taking the honors in the Coupe class. Adam Pierson won the award in the Midget division, with Late Model rookie Rob Williams beating out the champion by 10 laps, and in the Hornet/Fast Fours Cody Stearns led the most for the season.

More than 70 prizes were given to racers by random draw; the top prize being a $1000.00 gift certificate to Bear Ridge Speedway in 2015. Don Reynolds was the top prize winner.
Speedway Illustrated’s Karl Fredrickson introduced Dick Berggren the keynote speaker for the night.

Bear Ridge Speedway’s 47th season of stock car racing is now officially complete. The 2015 season begins on Saturday, May 2, 2015. Season Passes for 2015 are now available; information and order forms are available online at or by calling (802) 222-4052.

2014 official points standings
Bond Auto Parts points
Sportsman Mods
1st 20c Chris Donnelly 1318
2nd OO Jason Gray 1204
3rd 73 Kevin Chaffee 1162
4th 10 Derek Graham 1039
5th 5 Gary Siemons 1033
6th O1 Mike Gendron 1031
6th 1x TC Forward® 1031
7th 34 Richie Simmons 1024
8th X Bryan King 1021
9th 42c Josh Currier 1018
10th 1B Derek Barker 1004
11th 27 Ed Patterson 977
12th 4 DJ Robinson® 971
13th 28 Bob Shepard 954
14th 15 Adam Pierson 945
15th 24 Jordan Fornwalt 944
16th 9 Mike Dunn 876
17th 42t Robert Tucker 860
18th 11 Josh Sunn 838
19th 10s Ryan Christian ® 644
20th 91 Tim Tucker 625
21st 17 Travis Shinn 539
22nd 81 Tim Hodge 444
23rd 21 Adam Gage 371
24th 23 Tyler Austin® 368
25th 77 Allan Hammond 281
26th 78 Vince Quenneville 198
27th 1e Danny Eastman 137
28th 89 Troy Comeau 129
29th 63 Trever Rocke 125
30th 26 Jeff Huntington 111
31st 15 Gene Pierson 90
32nd O Steve Bell 63
33rd 40 Jason Flint 63
34th 631 Todd Buckwald 61
35th O Matt Austin 41
36th 32 Evan Kingsbury 27
37th 7 Chris Murray 25
38th 51 Justin Comes 22
39th 66 Ross Derry 21

Wells River Chevrolet points
Sportsman Coupes
1st 18 Jason Colbeth 1256
2nd 71 Josh Harrington 1243
3rd 22 Thomas Placey 1140
4th 44 Michael Danforth® 1126
5th 26 Logan Oliver® 1123
5th 4 Jeff Robbins 1123
6th 43 Earl Maxham 1122
7th 81 Louie Cadwell 1117
8th 8 Teddy Salamaa 1111
9th 14 Mitchell Frost® 1074
10th 34 Billy Simmons 1056
11th 3 Jason Horniak 1032
12th 16c Brian Chaffee® 983
13th 24 Jeremy Beckley 976
14th 21e Matt Ellsworth 935
15th 33 Melvin Pierson 907
16th 32 Jerry Catterall 572
17th 11 Martin Mastic 557
18th 77j Bob Kilburn® 369
19th 13 Buster Kathan 196
20th 17 Kane Pike 187
21st 17 Jonathan Covey 117
22nd 32 Terry Williams 70
23rd 3 Jesse Smith 37
24th 16 Kevin Chaffee 31
25th 24 Joel Beckley 28

1st 76M Adam Pierson 1010
2nd 76 Josh Sunn 866
3rd 47 Scott Holcomb 777
4th 2 Scott Viets 742
5th 18c Mike Chaffee 710
6th 1w Ray Miller 691
7th 9 Dean Christensen 689
8th 6 Joe Krawiec 665
9th 5 Tim Hodge 610
10th 12 Adam Whitney 606
11th 77 Jeff Champagne 603
12th 11V Vince Lucca 577
13th 33 Tim Gallant 480
14th 11R Alex Rose 387
15th 1R Jeff Horn 357
16th 29 Anthony Nocella 314
17th O9 Amanda Habel 313
18th 78 Stan Otterman 225
18th 21 Lauryn Burd 225
18th 57 Dylan Duhaime 225
19th 21k Barry Kittredge 144
19th 78 Rob Williams 144
20th 22 John Heydenreich 139
21st 4 Denny Zimmerman 136
22nd 24 Tom Thompson 125
23rd 93 Jamie Spalding 121
24th 29 Kenny Schrader 118
25th 46 Kenny Johnson 113
26th 71 Calvin Chandonnet® 87
27th 4 Chris Donnelly 86
28th 49 Dylan Rock 85
29th 5 Harry Wheeler 70
29th 29 Matt Swanson 70
30th 29 Alex Bright 67
31st 20 Jonathan Covey 62
32nd 6 Ryan Charland 61
33rd O7 Seth Carlson 57
34th O9 Kevin White 56
35th 10 Rich Blanchard 54
35th 29 Scott Doule 54
36th 1R Jim Mossman 52
37th 37 Tyler Rivard 37
38th 76x Karl Fredrickson 24
39th 20 Stephen Morisillo 21
40th O6 Frank Malec 15
41st 28ri Adam Dion 2

Laquerre’s Sports points
Limited Late Models
1st 23 Jason Giguere 1215
2nd 91 James Fadden 1170
3rd 29 Mike Greene III 1145
4th 7w Rob Williams® 1076
5th 57 Kevin Harran® 1061
6th 2 Derek Stearns® 1015
7th 94 Cary Moulton® 933
8th OO Brandon Gray 690
9th 18 Matt Lashua 489
10th 11 Travis Smith® 285
11th 3 Travis King 257
12th 525 JP Vallencourt 131
13th 4 Wade Prentice 100
14th 23 Ryan Ovit 66
15th 91jr Doug Boucher 61
16th 55 Derek O’Hearn 54
17th 17 James Travis 44
18th 29j Skeeter Green e 14

Weglarz Property Service points
Fast Fours
1st 4 Rob Gioia 1381
2nd 87 Don Reynolds 1248
3rd 111 Jacob Roy 940
4th 17 Deven Stearns® 881
5th 11 Taylor Morse 668
6th 29 Jesse Durkee 344
7th 67/28 David Durkee Sr 264
8th 21 Russ Coutu 190
9th 68 Derrick Durkee 178
10th 83 Mike Shurburn 174
11th 22 Jonathan Baker 147
12th 67 Tim Martin 113
13th 6x Chris Cole 108
14th 67 Jim Durkee 107
15th 9 David Durkee Jr 73
16th 1vt Andy Johnson 61
17th 1x Joel Smith 61

KDD NAPA of Bradford points
Ridge Runner Hornets
1st 86 Mike Ryan 1275
2nd 3 Charlie Lakin 1236
3rd 56 Chris LaForest 1169
4th 71 Cody Stearns® 1129
5th 24 Bobby Bell 1088
6th 8 Sean Perron® 855
7th 13 Hunter Garduno® 839
8th 19 Karl Sheldon 543
9th 1 Alicia Taylor 429
10th 23 Jason Porter 414
11th 81 John Dunham 370
12th 14 Casey Durphey 313
13th 21 Joe Kemp 306
14th 46 David Stearns 283
15th 54 Ryan Farnham 229
16th 31 Lisa Austin 226
17th 75 Derreck Counter® 224
18th O4 Kelly Miller 152
19th 2 Brett Warren 143
20th 36 Kodi Sabins 109
21st 187 Doug Boucher 97
22nd 29 Jeremy Simpson 91
23rd O1 Steve Bell 83
24th 7 Brian Bishop 77
24th 1 Jack Cook 77
25th 1 Lindsay Smith 76
26th 10 Mitchell Bombard 74
27th 88 Sean Lantas 62
28th 73 Bart Dalley 61
28th 78 Richard Potwin 61
29th oo7 Lacey Hansen 43
30th 7 Arlene Atkins 38
31st 21 Lucas Wheeler 34

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