Bear Ridge 2020 Annual Awards Banquet Officially Canceled.

Bear Ridge 2020 Annual Awards Banquet Officially Canceled.

Bear Ridge 2020 Annual Awards Banquet Officially Canceled.

 For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                              BRS-020721-1

It is with heavy heart that Butch and April May announce the cancelation of the 2020 Bear Ridge Speedway annual awards banquet. The Banquet originally schedule for November 6, 2020 was postponed due to the pandemic to March 5, 2021. While the country is slowing progressing in a positive direction, we still have a long way to go. With facilities still shut down for larger venues indoors we had no choice but to cancel. This will be the first time in the history of the Ridge’s 53 years that the annual awards banquet was not able to take place. Ticket purchase refunds will be sent out the week of February 8th to all those who had purchased tickets, top ten points funds are also enclosed, for those eligible.

The annual awards banquet is a key part of the Ridge’s program as we feel it is extremely important to take time to recognize the accomplishments of all our competitors. We feel that it is still important to get the trophies and any other contingencies originally planned for distribution at the banquet to our drivers. We are currently looking at how that will happen, with our thought focused on opening day of 2021 May 8th, so that we can get pictures of our competitors on the track with their spoils. As we get a better handle on how and what we will be doing, we will let everyone know.

For now, we want to say congratulations to our competitors who finished in the top ten in points during the trying 2020 racing season.

In the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds here are your top five: The 2020 Track Champion driving the number 00 from East Thetford VT Jason Gray; the 2020 Runner up driving the 24 from Bradford VT Jordan Fornwalt, with 3rd going to the number 18 Matt Lashua from Canaan NH. Finishing out the top five are James Fadden in the 91NH and Richie Simmons in the number 34.

In the Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, your 2020 Track Champion driving the number 09 from Corinth VT Tad Kingsbury, the 2020 Runner up driving the 71 from E Topsham VT Josh Harrington, and the 3rd place points finisher is Jason Horniak driving the number 3 from Bradford VT. Completing the top five are Thomas Placey in the 22 and Cody Gregoropoulos in the number 12.

The USAC DMA Midgets crowned Seth Carlson in the number 4 as the 2020 Champion with teammate Will Hull in the number 3 as the Runner up along with Brandon Piastka in the 7. Third place in the points standings goes to Justin Phillips driving the 16, with Manny Dias 42 taking 4th in points and Justin Sheridan in the 17 finishing in fifth.

The top five in the C.A. Miller Limited Late Models are Georg Osgood bringing home the accolades as the 2020 champion in the number 17, with Tyler Tremblay taking the Runner up position in the number 32, with Nicholas Longley wheeling the 316 in third. Finishing out the top three are Matt Piper number 117 and Deven Stearns in the number 3.

Troy Prentice in the 78 is the champ for the inaugural season of the LaValley Building Supply the Dirt Stocks, the Runner up spot goes to Lucas Wheeler in the 21 with Jesse Dunham 71VT in third. Kaleb Shepard 0 and Chris Cole 6x complete the top five.

In the Peanut’s Auto LLC Four Cylinder Division Buddy Welch in the 65 is once again your champion, with Kevin LaForest in 49 taking home the Runner up spot. Jason Porter in the 13 is third. Garrett Brown 89 and Zach Audet 9 finished out the top five

The State Farm Mike Estrada 4/6 Cylinder Enduros top five are recognized annually and once again Eric Lundblad is crowned the champ in the 44E with Jason Porter 13 and Jeff Mitchell 00 the Runner ups, Jon LaForest 79 is third with Karl Sheldon 55 fourth and Cary Hunter 97 scored in fifth.

Also recognized annually are the Sprint Cars of New England. This year the Professor Chris Donnelly driving the 17 from the Fornwalt stable is your 2020 champion with Will Hull in the 61 taking home the bridesmaid spot the same as in the Midgets. Floyd Billington 69 takes third with Caleb Lamson 68 in fourth, and 73 Jacob Williams fifth.

The 2020 53rd season Champions of Bear Ridge Speedway will receive in addition to their crystal cup and points fund, their Hoosier Tire Championship Jacket, Picture collage courtesy of Alan Ward photographer, and a hand painted clock by SEStrokes featuring their car, you can check out their facebook page to get a peak of these great clocks, along with several more items.

Other awards scheduled to have been presented are the Rookie of the Year, the Ray Brown award, the Bob Shepard DDD award, and the Hall of Fame Inductees.

Rookie of the year honors go to Kyle Ashford 27 in the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds, 69 Alexander Pushee in the Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, 7 Brandon Piastka in the USAC DMA Midgets, 78 Troy Prentice in the LaValley Building Supply Dirt Stocks, and 71 Sawyer Harrington in the Peanuts Auto LLC Four Cylinders. The C.A. Miller Limited Late Models did not have any eligible Rookie drivers.

The Ray Brown awards go to Nate Locke in the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds, Matt Ellsworth in the Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, Justin Phillips USAC DMA Midgets, Matt Piper C.A. Miller Limited Late Models, Luca Wheeler LaValley Building Supply Dirt Stocks, Tom Brown Peanuts Auto LLC Four Cylinders, Cary Hunter State Farm Mike Estrada Four Cylinders, and Floyd Billington for SCoNE.

Hard Luck “What a Picture” go to Nate Locke in the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds,      tied for Jason Horniak and Thomas Placey in the Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, Justin Sheridan in the USAC DMA Midgets, Tyler TremblAy in the C.A. Miller Limited Late Models, John Duprey in the LaValley Building Supply Dirt Stocks, and Robert Audet in the Peanuts Auto LLC Four Cylinders.

The Bob Shepard DDD award and 2020 Sportsman of the year will be presented opening night 2021 at the Ridge. The Hall of Fame Inductees will be combined with the 2021 inductees at the 2021 annual awards banquet.

Everyone is anxious to see the 2021 season, the Ridge’s 54th consecutive to kick into gear on May 8th, you will be able to hear April May and Butch as they join Stephen John once again for all the highlights of Bear Ridge Speedway from the week before and what is coming up every Friday morning from 6:45 to 7:00 on WYKR.

Our Season pass application form is available online at our website. There are several different options available. Check out our website for all the details.

2021 driver and crew membership applications are now available on the website. Be sure to get yours sent in early to beat the lines on opening day, and to guaranty your number. All numbers are held until March 1st. To be eligible for the Bear Ridge Speedway points fund, and recognized at the annual awards banquet, drivers must hold a 2021 Bear Ridge Speedway or DIRTcar license, compete in the required number of events, and run on track designated tires as indicated in the rule book.

The price of a regular show general admission (front gate) ticket for adults (ages 17 to 61) is $12.00 a person and children 11 and under $2.00. Teens 12 to 16 and seniors 62 and older is $10.00. Military Discounts are available at $5.00 off for those with a valid ID.

The back gate (pit gate) ticket price for Bear Ridge Speedway and DIRTcar 2021 license holders is $30.00. Non-license holders is $35.00 (both prices include the front gate ticket.)

Bear Ridge Speedway is as an alcohol-free family friendly entertainment spot, with our goal to make each experience at the Ridge better than the last. We continue to offer the best source of good inexpensive high-quality entertainment for families.

Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Racing begins at the famous “6:00-ish” start time every Saturday starting in May thru September.

Bear Ridge Speedway is located on Kidder Road in Bradford, VT, just off Exit 16 on Interstate 91. For more information, call (802) 222-4052 or visit Questions can be sent to  Visa and Master card accepted


OFFICIAL 2020 TOP TEN POINTS STANDINGS for the 99ROCK weekly racing 53rd Season
at Bear Ridge Speedway.

Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT


Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds Top Ten

1st       00        Jason Gray                 950

2nd      24        Jordan Fornwalt          865

3rd       18        Matt Lashua                806

4th       91nh    James Fadden            765

5th       34        Richie Simmons          756


6th       4          DJ Robinson               694

7th       10s      Ryan Christian            673

8th       9          Michael Dunn              639

9th       26        Jeremy Huntoon         630

10th     86        Mike Ryan                   619


Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupe Top Ten

1st       09        Tad Kingsbury             845

2nd      71        Josh Harrington          821

3rd       3          Jason Horniak             792

4th       22        Thomas Placey           784

5th       12        Cody Gregoropoulos   745


6th       21e      Matt Ellsworth             734

7th       50        Tyler Stygles               726

8th       18        Cody Copeland           687

9th       28        Bob Shepard               685

10th     1          Jeremy Hodge            673


USAC DMA Midgets Feature Top Ten

1st       4          Seth Carlson               679

2nd      3          Will Hull                       568

2nd      7          Brandon Piastka®      568

3rd       16        Justin Phillips              559

4th       42        Manny Dias                 538

5th       17        Justin Sheridan           522


6th       44        Floyd Billington           455

7th       5          Tim West                     406

8th       1B        Joe Krawiec                383

9th       A1        Jeff Horn                     347

10th     33        Melvin Pierson            338


C.A. Miller Limited Late Model Top Five

1st       17        George Osgood          660

2nd      32        Tyler Tremblay            644

3rd       316      Nicholas Longley        577

4th       117      Matt Piper                   571

5th       3          Deven Stearns            388


LaValley’s Building Supply Dirt Stockers Top Five

1st       78        Troy Prentice®            644

2nd      21        Lucas Wheeler            557

3rd       71VT   Jesse Dunham®         485

4th       0          Kaleb Shepard®         462

5th       6x        Chris Cole®                320


Peanuts Auto Four Cylinders Top Five

1st       65        Buddy Welch               863

2nd      49        Kevin LaForest            797

3rd       13        Jason Porter               755

4th       89        Garrett Brown             724

5th       9          Zach Audet                 676


6th       98        Tom Brown                 629

7th       66        Robert Audet               611

8th       71        Sawyer Harrington®   580

9th       55        Rick Stygles                535

10th     44        Logan Martin®            530


Mike Estrada State Farm 4/6 Cylinder Enduro Top Five

44        Eric Lundblad                          308

13        Jason Porter                           200

00        Jeff Mitchell                             200

79        Jon LaForest                           184

55        Karl Sheldon                           176

97        Cary Hunter                            156


WYKR Sprint Cars of New England Top Five

1st       17        Chris Donnelly            388

2nd      61        Will Hull                       380

3rd       69        Floyd Billington           357

4th       68        Caleb Lamson             292

5th        73        Jacob Williams            287




Contact: April May Preston-Elms                                                                               Email:

Phone: (802) 222-4052