5th Annual Sunday/Funday offered it’s usually edge of your seat excitement this event concludes the on-track festivities for the 55th season at the Ridge.

5th Annual Sunday/Funday offered it’s usually edge of your seat excitement this event concludes the on-track festivities for the 55th season at the Ridge.

5th Annual Sunday/Funday offered it’s usually edge of your seat excitement
this event concludes the on-track festivities for the 55th season at the Ridge.

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The Dad’s 4 By Tool & Supply feature winners of the 55th consecutive racing season in the Joe Mama’s Sporting Goods 4/6 Cylinder Enduro Jason Porter, 6/8 Cylinder Demolition Derby Jason Vezina, 4 Cylinder Demolition Derby Cary George, Sting Vintage Race Cars Powder Puff Morgen Kendall, WYKR Due Enduro Jason Porter & Diane Porter.
The 5th annual Sunday Funday was once again a huge success despite mother nature offering up a cool day with on and off sprinkles throughout. While wet weather on a normal race night will stop the action on Sunday/Funday most of the events can be enhanced with a little bit of rain on the track, keeping the excitement even more interesting!

Before the main events, Joe Mama’s Sporting Goods 4/6 Cylinder Enduro and the 4 Cyl and 6/8 Cylinder Demolition Derbies the day offered up the Sting Vintage Race Cars Powder Puff and the WYKR “DUO” Enduro.

In past years the Sting Vintage Race Cars Powder Puff had waned in car count, and the track officials were only going to host it again if there were enough cars to put on a show. As sign-in began it became quickly apparent that there were more than enough brave ladies prepared to get behind the wheel of their man’s machine or a friend to show the boys how it gets done. The field of twenty-three was enough to not only hold the event but to double the lap count from previous years. Eleven of the field would still be on the lead lap when the checkers waved twenty laps later, with Morgen Kendall driving her boyfriend Tyler Tremblay’s machine, an R&L Auto Towing & Recovery Late Model regular. Kaitlyn Christian driving friend Brian Longs machine made Kendall work for it, crossed the line finishing strong in second with Tynika Oliver in her cousin Luke Peters machine taking third. Shelby Peters in her dad Toby Peters car and Heather Rozzi in friend Anna Rickers car, a Peanuts Auto LLC Ridge Runner rounded out the top five.

Up next was a first-time event for the Sunday Funday, the WYKR “DUO” Enduro. Again, a strong field of teams signed up for this event. The event required two people in the car a man and women, at lap ten the field was red flagged, and the fun began. All teams had to get out of their machines and switch drivers. Once all drivers were ready to go the green was dropped and they raced on for the next ten laps to declare a winner. At the end of twenty laps the twenty-one car field was led to the checkers by none other than “led foot” Porter and his wife Diane. Jason Porter a regular in the Peanuts Auto LLC Ridge Runners, so it was no surprise to see they had him driving the second half of the event. Maybe next year there will be rules enhancement to make the less seasoned driver drive second, that would surely make things interesting both on the track and in the car! Luke Peters and Shelby Peters came home in second with Jeremiah Little and Down Bodenhamer finishing in third. A mystery team, someone failed to sign in, crossed the line in fourth with Aren Keene a LaValley Building Supply Dirt Stock regular and wife Ashley Racine rounding out the top five.

The demo action offered plenty of excitement for the fans with Jason Vezina beating out his competition in the 6/8 Cylinder Demolition Derby and Cary George in the 4 Cylinder Demolition Derby. Our sincerest thanks to Dean Switzer and his team for running these events, which are always a great show for the fans.

The pits were overflowing with Joe Mama’s Sporting Goods 4/6 Cylinder Enduro machines, and when the green flag waved on their final points event of 150 laps it was Enduro action at its finest! The on and off drizzle didn’t dampen the packed stands of fans enthusiasm as they cheered on their favorite driver. There was plenty of the usual Enduro excitement with plenty of spins and flips to keep the fans on the edge of their seats. When the checkers waved on the 150 main event there was just one car left on the lead lap, truly showing he is the fittest of the survivors, Jason Porter crossed the line in first with Brandon Gray one lap down coming home in second and Toby Peters in third three laps down. A post-race inspection would find Toby Peters not quite in line with the tire rule, giving Travis King the third place spot with Ryan Sayers and Charlie Smith now rounding out the top five. Ryan Sayers fourth place finish will officially make him your Joe Mama’s Sporting Goods 4/6 Cylinder Enduro track champion for 2022. The top five will be recognized at the annual awards banquet on November 11th.

This concludes the on track action and 99Rock weekly racing events for 2022 at the Ridge. Up next will be the Annual Awards Banquets being held once again at our fine supporter the Fireside Inn in W. Lebanon NH. Friday November 11th will be “fendered” night where we recognized the top ten in the Peanuts Auto LLC Ridge Runners, the top ten in the LaValley Building Supply Dirt Stocks, the top five in the R&L Auto Towing & Recovery Late Models, and the top five in the Joe Mama’s Sporting Goods 4/6 Cylinder Enduro series. The festivities will continue on Saturday night when we will recognize the ‘open wheels” top ten in the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds, the Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, the top ten in the USAC DMA Midges, and top five in the Bear Ridge competing 360 Sprint Cars (SCoNE).
Drivers time is running out to get your ticket order in for these events at the reduced rate. The rate goes up after October 15 and all ticket orders must be received by October 29th. No walk-ins allowed and you must be present to be eligible for any awards, contingencies, points fund etc. Remember if you are coming with another driver, that driver must indicate that on their form, as we will not assume you are with someone else.
Remember in today’s society we could all use a little more family entertainment, and the Ridge is your best place to be for just that. The admission price is more than reasonable; the show top-notch, the food superior, and the family friendly atmosphere is just what you are looking for!
Tune in to hear April May and Butch as they join Stephen John for all the highlights of Bear Ridge Speedway from the week one last time for the season, this Friday morning from 6:30 to 7:00 on WYKR.
Bear Ridge Speedway is as an alcohol-free family friendly entertainment spot, with our goal to make each experience at the Ridge better than the last. We continue to offer the best source of good inexpensive high-quality entertainment for families. Please stay safe and be kind to others!
Visa and MasterCard are gladly accepted at our ticket gates only. Racing begins at the famous “6:00-ish” start time every Saturday starting in May thru September. The 2023 racing season will kick off on Saturday May 6, 2023, be sure to mark your calendars!
Bear Ridge Speedway is located on Kidder Road in Bradford, VT, just off Exit 16 on Interstate 91. For more information, call (802) 222-4052 or visit www.bearridgespeedway.com. Questions can be sent to brsdirt@charter.net Visa and Master card gladly accepted at both ticket gates.
UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – 55th Season of Racing sponsored by Dad’s 4 By Tool & Supply.
99ROCK Weekly Racing Series
Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT
Sunday October 9, 2022

Joe Mama’s Sporting Goods 4/6 Cylinder Enduro (150 Laps)
1st 13 Jason Porter
2nd 00 Brandon Gray
3rd 3 Travis King
4th 55 Ryan Sayers
5th 40 Charlie Smith
6th 99 Colon Kelley
7th 90W Tiellar Mitchell
8th 52 Dylan Tester
9th 26 Jordan Mears
10th 10 Jeremy Davis
11th 49 Kevin LaForest
12th 30 Trevor Mears
13th 46 Eric Post
14th 96 Delaney Nelson
15th 31 Adrian Langmaid
16th 29X Loretta Irwin
17th 4 Andrew Botala
18th 08 Frank Putney
19th 34 John Dupree
20th m5 Victoria Chaffee
21st 25 Kyle Botal
22nd 97 Cary Hunter
23rd 711 Jeremiah Little
24th 09 Dylan Bell
25th 80 Bill Mears
26th 8 Rich Rose
27th 35 Aren Keene
28th 15 Matt Bradley
29th 51 Danny Doyle
30th 71 Kevin Boucher
31st 07 Benjamin Brownlow
32nd 85VT Jason Ball
33rd 78 Keith Benoit
34th 29 Kevin Keene
35th 59 Osric Flint
36th 88 Keith Sylvester
37th 95 Taylor Sayers
38th M0l Peter Childs
39th 91 Eric Messier
40th 05 Jeremy Mitchell
41st 86 Brandon Simpson
42nd 69 Eric Mead
43rd 63 Dayton Blake
44th 82 Jacob Hall-Larson
45th 44E Eric Lundblad
46th 04 Kelly Miller Sr
47th 12 Luke Peters
48th 76 Erica Calistro
49th 03 Steve Armstrong
50th 28 Christopher Armstrong
51st 23 Lucas Condon
52nd 32 Tyler Tremblay
53rd 56 Josh Fifield
54th 54 Travis Burroughs
55th 89 Brian Long
56th 26J Jeremy Huntoon
57th 24 Dawn Rumrill
58th 2 Alex Perkins
59th 39 Stephen Sheldon
60th 77 Phil Mason
61st 75 Chase Lafoe
62nd 19 Kristy Bonnell
63rd 48 Tim St John
64th 18 Matt Simpson
65th 9 Duke Maxwell
66th 60 Megan McDowell
P28 Toby Peters D’qd
7 Simon Mears DNS
27 Tyler Coutermarsh DNS
1 Tony Burrington DNS
15 Tim Robinson DNS
54 Dion Cody DNS

Sting Vintage Race Cars Powder Puff (20 Laps)

1st 32 Morgen Kendall
2nd 89 Kaitlyn Christian
3rd 12 Tynika Oliver
4th 28 Shelby Peters
5th 56 Heather Rozzi
6th 7 Cassandra Mears
7th 80 Hayley Mears
8th 97 Patty Hunter
9th 92 Loretta Irwin
10th 75 Mystery Driver
11th 59 Amber Dudley
12th 03 Mystery Driver
13th 711 Dawn Bodenhamer
14th 27 Julia Baslow
15th 60 Megan McDowell
16th 85 Ashley Bassett
17th 25 Janeen Wernecke
18th 29 April Audet
19th 54 Cassandra Boemig
20th 51 Rikki Whalen
21st 77 Sam Blish
22nd 24 Bree Boquet
23rd 34 Erika Duprey

WYKR “Duo” Enduro (20 Laps)
1st 13 Jason Porter & Diane Porter
2nd P28 Luke Peters & Shelby Peters
3rd 711 Jeremah Little & Dawn Boenhamer
4th 77 Mystery Team
5th 35 Aren Keene & Ashley Racine
6th 54 Keith Dalango & Katie Burroughs
7th 51 Cameron Powers & Rae Powers
8th 85VT Jason Ball & Ashley Bassett
9th 26J Jeremy Huntoon & Janeen Wernecke
10th M0l Peter Childs & Caitlin O’Kelly
11th 29 Kevin Keene & April Audet
12th 54D Elizabeth Daniels & Cody Dion
13th 03 Natalia Gioia & Jordan Hastings
14th 3 Travis King & Vicki Braley
15th 15 Keegan Erskine & Tim Robinson
16th 24 Erin Rumrill & Roz Mason
17th 56 Anna Ricker & Dave Burroughs SR
18th 34 Erika Duprey & John Duprey
19th 32 Tyler Tremblay & Morgan Kendall
20th 90W Mystery Team
21st 27 Tyler Coutermarsh & Julia Baslow

Contact: April May Preston-Elms Email: brsdirt@charter.net
Phone: (802) 222-4052