Valley Floors Press 9/3

Valley Floors Press 9/3

Ryan Christian becomes third repeat winner in the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Mods
Points Battle tights up in the Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders

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BRADFORD, VT – Valley Floors of Bradford night brings an overflowing pit of over a 120 cars for the Ridges annual Racing against Cancer Benefit night and topless night for those who dared. We thank everyone for their support of our chosen nonprofit benefit nights and to the drivers who gave the fans a treat by taking of their roofs if they could.
An early mishap changed the whole dynamics of the DIRTcar Sabil & Sons Sportsman Modifieds main event, allowing for some fresh faces in victory lane. Josh Currier held the point for the first three quarters of the event and was hoping to be able to add his name to the repeat winner’s list, but tonight would not be the night. Ryan Christian with the same thought in mind was able to overtake Currier on lap twenty five and sail on to his second win of the season. Todd Buckwold your current rookie contender points leader came home to finish in second behind Christian with Richie Simmons the man on the move in only his third showing this season in the mods coming home in the final victory lane spot third. Steve Flint and rookie Lenny Pillsbury rounded out the top five.
In the DIRTcar Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes a division with an abundance of winners sees this week recording it’s fourth repeat winner of the season with Matt Ellsworth crossing the finish line first over the pack. Twelve different drivers have claimed the checkers in this division showing just how talented you gotta be to finish on top. Ellsworth is one of those twelve and now is in the double winners club with his victory Saturday night. Jason Colbeth will have to wait another week to join the club as he fell short of the first place spot coming home in second. Michael Danforth would join the two in victory lane coming home in third. Earl Maxham and Bob Shepard rounded out the top five.
The Laquerre Sports USAC DMA Midgets were off this week and will return on the seventeenth to compete in the last two nights of the season. The seventeenth and the twenty fourth.
Wayland Childs gets his second win appears to have figured it out in the Mike Rivers Automotive Limited Late Models as he once again beat out Tim Martin and Derrick Stearns for the top victory lane spot with his second win in a row the third for the season. John Fields and John Neddo switched the fourth and fifth place spots from last week with Fields taking fourth and Neddo crossing the line in Fifth.
Buddy Welch can add his name to the repeat winners club as well in the Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders. In grabbing the win he puts himself in the thick of the tightest points battle at the Ridge. He sits a mere four points behind the leader Mike Ryan who is only one point ahead of Jesse Durkee. With only two weeks left for this division this one will be coming down to the wire. Joining Welch in victory lane this week were Jim Durkee and Danny Doyle. Mike Ryan and Jesse Durkee rounded out the top five.
There were 39 cars in the pits for the fourth 4/6 cylinder Enduro of the season. When they hit the track for their seventy five lap main event everyone knew it would be a whale of a show. If you weren’t in the stands watching you could hear the excitement as the crowd Ohhed and Wowed. The event was red flagged only once to clear out some debris as it was getting too congested in certain areas of the track for good safe racing. When racing resumed it was Matt Boucher for the win yet again over Erik Lundblad and Ryan Deliabru. Frank Putney and Brody Poitras rounded out the top five.
The Sprint Cars of New England were on hand for their next to last event of the season. Topless night is scheduled for this event to add SCoNE to the lineup of topless, but they choose not to participate a disappointment for the fans. With the wings on it was the same fast paced event with Chris Donnelly, back in double duty in the Mods and Sprints coming home for the win. Chad Turck grabbed second with Kevin Chaffee also doing double duty coming home in third. Dan Douville and Luke Greenwood completed the top five.
Bear Ridge Speedway’s 49th season of stock car racing is quickly winding down with only three weeks left. Coming up this Saturday, September 10th it is the Spencer Rocke Memorial Night. Sponsored by Shaker Valley Auto. The full card of racing features the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds, Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, Mike Rivers Automotive Limited Late Models, and the Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders. (Laquerre’s Sports USAC DMA Midgets off), Plus the Granite State Mini Sprints. We will also be holding our annual kids bike give away exclusively for our 2016 active kids club members! Regular admission pricing applies: $10.00 adults; $8.00 teens & seniors, and $2 for children; Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Racing begins at the famous “6:00-ish” start time.
Bear Ridge Speedway is located on Kidder Road in Bradford, VT, just off Exit 16 on Interstate 91. For more information, call (802) 222-4052 or visit

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – Valley Floors Night
99ROCK Weekly Racing Series
Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT
Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Feature (40 Laps)
1st 10s Ryan Christian
2nd 631 Todd Buckwold ®
3rd 34 Richie Simmons
4th 40 Steven Flint
5th 70 Lenny Pillsbury ®
6th 24 Jordan Fornwalt
7th 91 Tim Tucker
8th 42T Robert Tucker
9th 9 Michael Dunn
10th 4 DJ Robinson
11th F82 Thomas Kimball
12th 97 Terry Williams ®
13th 73 Kevin Chaffee
14th 42c Josh Currier
15th 18 Matt Lashua ®
16th 70c Kevin Dickenson
17th 15 Adam Pierson
18th 63 Trever Rocke ®
19th 70D Chris Donnelly
20th 5 Gary Siemons
21st 87 Todd Fenoff
Heat race one winner: Thomas Kimball
Heat race two winner: Ryan Christian
Heat race three winner: Tim Tucker

Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupe Feature (30 Laps)
1st 21e Matt Ellsworth
2nd 18 Jason Colbeth
3rd 44 Michael Danforth
4th 2 Earl Maxham
5th 28 Bob Shepard
6th 16 Brian Chaffee
7th 3 Jason Horniak
8th 5c Mike Chaffee
9th 22 Thomas Placey
10th 71 Josh Harrington
11th 56 Chris LaForest ®
12th 78 Stan Otterman
13th 13 Buster Kathan
14th 17 Todd Hayward
15th 42 Tyler Maxham ®
Heat winners:
Heat one: Buster Kathan
Heat two: Earl Maxham
Blackmount Equipment Semi Feature winner:

Laquerre’s Sports USAC DMA Midgets Feature (25 laps)
Off return 9/17/16
Heat Winners:
Heat one:
Heat two:
Elliott Beverage Dash winner:

Mike Rivers Automotive Limited Late Model Feature (20 Laps)
1st O2 Wayland Childs ®
2nd 83 Tim Martin
3rd 3 Derrick Stearns
4th 2 John Fields
5th 15 John Neddo
6th 37 Bryan Campbell
7th o5 Chad Martin
8th 47 Randall Alger
9th 37x Donald Ottati
10th 11 TJ Morse®
DNS Don Reynolds.

Weglarz Property Management 4-Cylinder Feature (20 laps)
1st 65 Robert Welch
2nd 9 Jim Durkee
3rd o2 Danny Doyle
4th 86 Mike Ryan
5th 88 Jesse Durkee
6th 49 Kevin LaForest ®
7th 13 Jason Porter
8th 8 Sean Perron
9th 3 Charlie Lakin
10th 71 Rodney Davis
11th 17 Shane Stygles
12th 29 Brian Rogers
13th 75 Bill Partridge
14th 2 Josh Martin
15th 729 David Flanders
16th 86nh Eric Castiglioni
17th 29j Justin Stockman

4/6 Cylinder Enduro
1st 71 Matt Boucher
2nd 44 Erik Lundblad
3rd 251 Ryan Deliabru
4th 88 Frank Putney
5th 88p Brody Poitras
6th 37 Mike Chapin
7th 72 Kyle Rogers
8th 3D Dakota Desabrais
9th 9 Garrett Poitras
10th 79 Jon LaForest
11th 44D Corrie Picknell
12th 00-NO Scott Morrison
13th 85 Carl Sweet
14th 280 Jared Blakely
15th 52 Kolby Randall
16th 777 Tim Spooner
17th 40 Tim Chase
18th 36 Joe Doucette
19th 18 Dennis Perry
20th 152 Asher Chapman
21st 49 Kevin LaForest
22nd 7 Kyle MacAskill
23rd 16 Gabriel Clark
24th 99 Calvin Alexander
25th 11vt Jacob Roy
26th 36 Kodi Sabins
27th O5 Chad Martin
28th 27vt Troy Randall
29th 6 Abi Blanchard
30th 17 Dakota Boucher
31st 7D Mathieu Delaney
32nd 19 Amanda Lussier
33rd 14 Geoff Durphey
34th O7 Shawn Pallas
35th 56 Chris LaForest
36th 12 KC Lee
37th 3 Roy Hayward
38th 28 Hunder Lefevre
39th O7 Lyndsey Sutherland
Contact: April May Preston Email:
Phone: (802) 222-4052