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Adam Pierson is Champion in the DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds & USAC DMA Midgets
Jason Horniak is Champion in the DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes

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BRADFORD, VT – The final racing event of the 2016 season sponsored by Swenson Insurance is recorded in the record books after over 300 lap of racing excitement for the fans.
The final event of the KOD series meant a 100 lap main for the DIRTcar Sabil & Sons Sportsman Modifieds. With 31 competitors in the pit area, it was decided that all would take the green for the event. He had hoped to be able to make it a sweep setting fast time in both of his machines, but a flat tire would take Adam Pierson out of any serious contention. Pierson may not have won this battle but he did win the war and will be crowned the 2016 DIRTcar Sabil & Sons Sportsman Modified Track Champion. The race would fall to one of the regular KOD regulars as the laps ticked off as David Schilling took the lead and went on to win. Michael Saia claimed second with Bear Ridge’s Regular Kevin Chaffee taking third. Connor Cleveland crossed the line in fourth with Chris Donnelly rounding out the top five.
The second feature winner only event the Growler was won by Adam Pierson.
It is when you least expect that often great things happen and that is how it went for the 2016 track champion in the DIRTcar Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes. His plan was to not run a whole season, but suddenly found himself in championship contention despite being one of only two drivers in the top ten who hadn’t won a race in 2016. Jason Horniak while denied a win is your 2016 track champion crossing the line in sixth at the end of their sixty lap main event. Matt Ellsworth was able to come home on top with Brian Chaffee and Jason Colbeth joining him in victory lane. Michael Danforth and Todd Hayward rounded out the top five.
The first annual feature winner only event the Growler was won by josh Harrington
Adam Pierson had the championship tied up in the Laquerre Sports USAC DMA Midgets but still wanted to taste the sweet success of victory with one more win. He was able to do that with Adam Whitney and John Heydenrich joining him in victory lane. Jeff Horn and Dean Christiansen completed the top five.
The final 4/6 Cylinder Enduro completed the night with 49 cars on hand for the 100 lap main event.
A new winner made it to victory lane as James Shufel crossed the line first with Karl Sheldon and Tadd Kingsbury joining him in victory lane. Chad Martin and Tim Davis completed the top five.
This was the last event for the Bear Ridge Speedway’s 49th season. Up next will be the 2016 annual awards banquet scheduled for December 17, 2016 at the Lake Morey Inn. Tickets are available by contacting April May at brsdirt@charter.net. As per the rule book the driver must be present to be eligible for the trophies and all contingencies. Bear Ridge Speedway will be celebrating 50 years of continuous racing excitement in 2017. Opening night is set for May 6, 2016. Be sure to mark your calendar to be with us in celebration of 50 years of racing at the Ridge. The card on hand will consist of the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds, Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, and Laquerre’s Sports USAC DMA Midgets, Limited Late Models, and Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders.
Bear Ridge Speedway is located on Kidder Road in Bradford, VT, just off Exit 16 on Interstate 91. For more information, call (802) 222-4052 or visit www.bearridgespeedway.com.

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – Newport Chevrolet/99Rock Championship Night
99ROCK Weekly Racing Series
Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT
Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Feature (100 Laps)
1st 20 David Schilling
2nd 7s Michael Sabia
3rd 73 Kevin Chaffee
4th O9 Connor Cleveland
5th 70D Chris Donnelly
6th 98 Andrew Buff
7th 28 Cody Hunt
8th 24 Jordan Fornwalt
9th 14x Scott Duell
10th 21 Adam Gage
11th 10 Derek Graham
12th 42T Robert Tucker
13th 22b Thomas Placey
14th 34 Richie Simmons
15th 97 Terry Williams ®
16th 12 Jon Miller
17th 18 Matt Lashua ®
18th 10s Ryan Christian
19th 17m Jim Morgan
20th 91nh James Fadden ®
21st 631 Todd Buckwold ®
22nd 81 Luke Klob
23rd 9 Michael Dunn
24th OO Jason Gray
25th 15 Adam Pierson
26th 42c Josh Currier
27th 5 Gary Siemons
28th 18 Kevin Ward
29th 4 DJ Robinson
30th 143 Donny Lashua
31st 116 Kevin White
Fast time Adam Pierson 13.706 sec
Heat winners:
Heat one: Adam Pierson
Heat two: Jason Gray
Heat three: Kevin Chaffee
Heat four: Todd Buckwold

Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupe Feature (60 Laps)
1 21e Matt Ellsworth
2 16 Brian Chaffee
3 18 Jason Colbeth
4 44 Michael Danforth
5 17 Todd Hayward
6 3 Jason Horniak
7 71 Josh Harrington
8 5c Mike Chaffee
9 14 Mitchell Frost
10 33 Melvin Pierson
11 56 Chris LaForest ®
12 78 Stan Otterman
13 13 Buster Kathan
14 28 Bob Shepard
15 43 Earl Maxham
16 22 Thomas Placey
Fast time: Jason Horniak 14.955
Heat winners:
Heat one: Jason Horniak
Heat two: Michael Danforth

Laquerre’s Sports USAC DMA Midgets Feature (30 laps)
1 76 Adam Pierson
2 12 Adam Whitney
3 22 John Heydenreich
4 A1 Jeff Horn
5 69 Dean Christensen
6 5 James Santa Mara
7 17 Robert Tucker
8 15 Jeff Champagne
9 1W Ray Miller
10 10 Kelly Arrison
11 2 Seth Carlson
Fast time: Adam Pierson 13.857 sec

4/6 Cylinder Enduro
1st OO7 James Shufel
2nd 155 Karl Sheldon
3rd 24 Tadd Kingsbury
4th O5 Chad Martin
5th 50 Tim Davis
6th 199 Corey Mossey
7th 9 Garrett Poitras
8th 53 David Flanders
9th 57 Danny Doyle
10th 93 Val Lund
11th 69 Alexander Gray
12th O3 Eric Prescott
13th 11vt Jacob Roy
14th 4 Tyler Braley
15th 91nh James Fadden
16th 10s Ryan Christian
17th 2 Ron Goodwin
18th 33 Calvin Johnson
19th 71 Matt Boucher
20th 37 Mike Chapin
21st 66 Travis Hull
22nd 13x Jason Porter
23rd 777 Tim Spooner
24th 0 Wayland Childs
25th 12vt Dwight Mitchell
26th 56 Chris LaForest
27th 36 Daniel Germain
28th 4 Amber Braley
29th 45 Michael Labounty
30th 11 Jason Gray
31st 44x Nick Marsh
32nd 91x Dana Osmer
33rd 12 KC Lee
34th 5 Jesse Durkee
35th 88 Frank Putney
36th 51 Merton Labounty
37th 21x Tim Martin
38th 16 Gabriel Clark
39th 14 Geoff Durphey
40th O7 Shawn Pallas
41st 280 Justin Blakely
42nd 86nh Eric Castigliani
43rd 4x David West Jr
44th 44 Erik Lundblad
45th 28 Hunter LeFevre
46th 13 Hunter Garduno
47th 69x Alexander Robinson
48th 79b Dylan Braley
DNS 12 Steve Bell
Contact: April May Preston Email: brsdirt@charter.net
Phone: (802) 222-4052**