Robert Tucker Madness Night Winner in the Sportsman Modifieds, Will Hull wins Thrilling USAC Dirt Midget Feature

Robert Tucker Madness Night Winner in the Sportsman Modifieds, Will Hull wins Thrilling USAC Dirt Midget Feature

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 The weather was sizzling hot for the Dads 4 By Tools & Supply/Hoosier Tire East 4th of July Holiday Spectacular and so was the competition on the track for the 99Rock Weekly Racing Series.

It was Madness Night for the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds with well over $9,000.00 on the line, four 27 Lap Segments were run to determine the overall winner. Current points’ leader Robert Tucker claimed the overall win on the strength of winning the first and last segment, accumulating 22 points. Going into the last segment Adam Pierson was in the drivers’ seat, having won segment two and amassing only 11 points through the first three segments, but a loose wheel cover forced Pierson to the pits during a caution period to have it removed. He returned but could only muster a fourteenth place finish, giving him 25 points and second overall. Kevin Chaffee was third with 26 points. Tanner Siemons and Jordan Fornwalt completed the overall top five finish.

The Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes found Bob Kilburn take the lead when the green flag flew. Tanner Siemons settled into second and for twenty five laps tried every way imaginable to get around Kilburn, his opportunity finally came with five laps to go when he got under Kilburn entering turn three and claimed the lead with four laps to go. At the Checkers it was Tanner Siemons with his first win of the season. Current Points leader Chris LaForest made a late race move to finish second with Jason Colbeth third. Adam Pierson, subbing for his father Gene, was fourth with Jason Horniak fifth.

The race of the night belonged to the Laquerre’s Sports USAC Dirt Midgets. Rookie Justin Phillips led the first lap in the Ray Miller 1m but from there it was the Will Hull/Seth Carlson show. Hull flew to the lead on the high side on lap two after starting eighth. Just two laps later Carson arrived in second and started to challenge for the top spot as the duo ran numerous laps side by side before Carlson slipped into the lead on the low side. Six laps later Hull once again claimed the lead, also using the low side. Carlson used the last five laps trying to get back by Hull but his charge fell just short at the line giving Will Hull his second USAC Dirt Midget win of the season. Seth Carlson was second with Justin Phillips third. Derek O’Hearn and Joe Krawiec rounded out the top five.

Ryan Christian continued his dominance in the C.A. Miller Late Models taking the win after taking the lead from John Neddo with twelve laps complete. Neddo would claim second with rookie George Osgood coming back to finish third after being the cause of the first caution of the race. Todd Dunham and Josh Bussino completed the top five.

The Weglarz Property Services Four Cylinders saw Danny Doyle take the lead after a lap eight caution and fend off the hard charges of Jason Porter as the two ran side by side for the last few laps before Danny Doyle edged ahead to take the win. Jason Porter was second with Jesse Durkee claiming third, working his way back through the field after being the cause of the lap eight caution. Kevin LaForest and Kelly Miller Jr completed the top five.

The Wingless Auto Club was also on hand with Jamie Glidden making a pass for the lead just past the halfway point of the event. He ran to the victory with Sam Comeau second, Mark Cole third, Doug McPhail fourth and Wade Prentice fifth.

Coming up this week is the Dennis Preston Builders/David’s House Benefit Double Points Mid-Season Championship. Joining the Rock99 Racing Series Divisions will be both the Sprint Cars of
New England and the Granite State Mini Sprints.

General admission for the 99Rock Weekly Racing Series is $13 for adults, teens, and seniors, and $2 for children; Visa and MasterCard are accepted.  Racing begins at the famous “6:00-ish” Starting time.

Bear Ridge Speedway is as an alcohol-free family friendly entertainment spot, with our goal to make each experience at the Ridge better than the last. Remember “Dirt where every lap is the last lap” we continue to offer the best source of good, inexpensive high-quality entertainment for families.

Don’t forget you will be able to hear all the highlights from the week before and what is coming up every Friday morning from 6:30 to 7:00 on WYKR.

Bear Ridge Speedway is located off exit 16 of I91 on to Rte 25 west 1 mile to South Road up the hill to Kidder Rd. The green will wave every Saturday evening through September at 6:00 pm(ish). Be sure to check the web Questions can be sent to

Unofficial Results, Dad’s 4 By Tool & Supply/Hoosier Tire East Night, June 30th 2018


Sail & Sons Sportsman Modifieds (4×27 Laps )

  1. Robert Tucker (1,9,11,1) 22 Points
  2. Adam Pierson (3,1,7,14) 25 Points
  3. Kevin Chaffee (10,4,9,3) 26 Points
  4. Tanner Siemons (7,7,8,5) 27 Points
  5. Jordan Fornwalt (6,6,12,6) 30 Points
  6. Ryan Christian (12,6,12,2) 32 Points
  7. Todd Buckwold (4,10,14,4) 32 Points
  8. Walter Hammond (9,5,10,11) 34 Points
  9. Matt Lashua (14,11,1,9) 35 Points
  10. Walt Hammond Jr (9,3,10,15) 37 Points
  11. Richie Simmons (2,13,4,18) 37 Points
  12. Mike Ryan (11,8,13,7) 39 Points
  13. Wayne Stearns ( 5,17,2,15) 39 Points
  14. Ricky Sanville (13,16,5,8) 42 Points
  15. Terry Williams (19,15,3,12) 49 Points
  16. Mike Dunn (17,2,18,17) 54 Points
  17. Stephen Lary (16,14,17,16) 63 Points
  18. Jeremy Huntoon (18,18,16,13) 65 Points
  19. Stephen Flint (16,19,19,19) 73 PointsWells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes
  1. Tanner Siemons
  2. Chris LaForest
  3. Jason Colbeth
  4. Adam Pierson
  5. Jason Horniak
  6. Melvin Pierson
  7. Matt Ellsworth
  8. Kevin Dickinson
  9. Todd Hayward
  10. Tad Kingsbury
  11. Josh Harrington
  12. Earl Maxham
  13. Bob Kilburn
  14. Brian Chaffee
  15. Don JohnsonLaquerre’s Sports USAC Dirt Midgets
  1. Will Hull
  2. Seth Carlson
  3. Justin Philips
  4. Derek O’Hearn
  5. Joe Krawiec
  6. Jason Goff
  7. Adam Whitney
  8. Jeff Horn
  9. Randy Higginson
  10. Brandon Emerson
  11. Mike Chaffee
  12. Manny Dias
  13. Dan Douville
  14. Doug Norrie-DNSC.A. Miller Limited Late Models2. John Neddo4. Todd Dunham6. Hunter Garduno8. Nicholas Longley10. Walt Hammond-DNSWeglarz Property Services Four Cylinders
  16. 9. Kelly Miller-DNS
  17. 7. Ted Nutter
  18. 5. Josh Bussino
  19. 3. George Osgood
  20. 1. Ryan Christian
  1. Danny Doyle
  2. Jason Porter
  3. Jesse Durkee
  4. Kevin LaForest
  5. Kelly Miller Jr
  6. Owen Carbee
  7. Peter Burt
  8. Garrett Brown
  9. James Shufelt
  10. Kelly Copeland
  11. Zachary Audet
  12. Charlie Lakin
  13. Chase LaFoe
  14. Mike Sherburne
  15. Buddy Welch
  16. Rodney Davis
  17. Santana Merritt
  18. Bobby Bell
  19. Joshua Paton
  20. Davis Durkee Jr
  21. Jeremy Stygles
  22. Ryan French
  23. Robert Audet
  24. Richard Stockwell
  25. Daniel Mears
  26. Deven Stearns  

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