Jason Gray wins the night and the 2020 Championship in the Sabil & Sons Sportsman Modifieds Matt Ellsworth gets the win in the Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes

Jason Gray wins the night and the 2020 Championship in the Sabil & Sons Sportsman Modifieds Matt Ellsworth gets the win in the Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes

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Feature winners for Newport Chevrolet night at the Ridge: Jason Gray in the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds, Matt Ellsworth in the DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes, Flyin Ryan Christian in the C.A. Miller Limited Late Models, Chris Murray in the LaValley Building Supply Dirt Stockers, Buddy Welch wins feature one and Jason Porter wins feature two in the Peanuts Auto Four Cylinders, and Will Hull in the WYKR Sprint Cars of New England.
Your 2020 99Rock Weekly Racing Champions: Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds #00 Jason Gray, Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes #09 Tad Kingsbury, C.A. Miller Limited Late Models #17 George Osgood , LaValley Building Supply Dirt Stockers #78 Troy Prentice, Peanuts Auto Four Cylinders #65 Buddy Welch, and WYKR Sprint Cars of New England #17 Chris Donnelly.

The DIRTcar Sabil & Sons Sportsman Modifieds time trialed and qualified on Friday night with Jason Gray setting fast time at 14.187. When it is your year it is your year, and this year it has been all Jason Gray. With a left front shock tower broken early in the event, he was still able to take the lead from his second row starting position and hold on for the win over James Fadden and Richie Simmons. Fadden came from the last spot having missed qualifying night on Friday and worked his way all the way to the front but was unable to get the final spot. Jordan Fornwalt and Derreck McGrew Jr in his first appearance at the Ridge rounded out the top five. Your top ten in points for the 2020 racing season #00 Jason Gray 950; #24 Jordan Fornwalt; #18 Matt Lashua 806; #91nh James Fadden 765; #34 Richie Simmons 756; #4 DJ Robinson 694; #10s Ryan Christina; #9 Michael Dunn 639; #26 Jeremy Huntoon 630; #86 Mike Ryan.

The Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes had the same schedule as the Mods with Cody Gregoropoulos setting fast time at 15.593 on Friday night. When they returned for their sixty lap main event Matt Ellsworth gained the lead about half way and never looked back. He beat out Thomas Placey who came home in second with Jason Horniac taking third. Ricky Sanville and Cody Gregoropoulos completed the top five. Your top ten in points for the 2020 racing season #09 Tad Kingsbury 845; Josh Harrington 821; Jason Horniak 792; Thomas Placey 784; Cody Gregoropoulos 745; Matt Ellsworth 734; Tyler Stygles 726; Cody Copeland 687; Bob Shepard 685; Jeremy Hodge 673.

In the USAC DMA Midgets your top ten in points for the 2020 racing season #4 Seth Carlson; #3 Will Hull and #7 Brandon Piastka; (tied for second) #16 Justin Phillips; #42 Manny Dias; #17 Justin Sheridan; #44 Floyd Billington; #5 Tim West; #1B Joe Krawiec; #A1 Jeff Horn; #33 Melvin Pierson.

In the C.A. Miller Limited Late Models  Tyler Flyin Ryan Christian gets his second win of the season beating out Todd Dunham for the win with Matt Piper close behind crossing the line in third. Thomas Coates and Tyler Tremblay crossed the line in fourth and fifth. Your top five in points for the 2020 racing season #17 George Osgood; #32Tyler Tremblay; #316 Nicholas Longley; #117 Matt Piper; #3 Deven Stearns.

In the LaValley’s Building Supply Dirt Stockers Chris Murray wins for the second week in a row taking the green over Jesse Dunham with Mike Wright gabbing the final victory lane spot. Lucas Wheeler and Troy Prentice completed the top five. Your top five in points for the 2020 racing season #78 Troy Prentice 644; #21 Lucas Wheeler 577; #71vt Jesse Dunham 485; #0 Kaleb Shepard 462; #6x Chris Cole 320.

In the Peanuts Auto Four Cylinders with thirty plus cars on hand two features were run once again. Buddy Welch gets his sixth win of the season, the icing on his championship season. Garrett Brown and Bruce Buccella joined him in victory lane with Tom Brown and Santana Merritt completing the top five. The second feature win goes to Jason Porter with Kevin LaForest and Peter West joining him in victory lane. Logan Martin and Ricky Stygles competed the top five. Your top ten in points for the 2020 racing season #65 Buddy Welch 863; #49 Kevin LaForest 797; #13 Jason Porter 755; #89 Garrett Brown 724; #9 Zach Audet 676; #98 Tom Brown 629; #66 Robert Audet 611; #71 Sawyer Harrington 580; #55 Rick Stygles 535; #44 Logan Martin 530.

There were sixty four cars in the pits for the Mike Estrada State Farm 4/6 Cylinder Enduro, with sixty two taking the green. The 75 lap event provided plenty of action for the fans with roll overs/spins/and thrills. Brandon Gray is scored the winner with Cody Hodge coming home in second and Jason Porter in third. Jeff Mitchell and Devin Bell rounded out the top five.

The WYKR Sprint cars of New England a new feature winner is given the checkers as Floyd Billington beat out Will Hull and Chris Donnelly for the top victory lane spot. Hull and Donnelly crossed the line second and third respectfully. Scott Holcomb and Jacob Williams completed the top five. Your top five in points for the 2020 racing season #17 Chris Donnelly 388; #61 Will Hull 380; #69 Floyd Billington; #68 Caleb Lamson; #73 Jacob Williams.

This concludes our weekly 99Rock racing for 2020. BUT WAIT there is still one more event where you can catch some great racing action. SUNDAY FUNDAY #4 is coming Sunday October 11, 2020. DEMO Derby in cooperation with Caledonia County Fair Demolition Derby, Mike Estrada State Farm 4/6 Cylinder 125 lap Enduro, and Flyn Ryan Christian will be on hand for your entertainment. General Admission $10.00 adults, teens, seniors, $2.00 kids 11 and under. Pit gate entry $25.00 (total price including front gate)

We continue to work with limited fans in the stands with designating seating. As per the designated VT state guidelines, we can and will continue to enforce social distancing and face coverings at all times. All people entering the property will be required to wear face coverings at all times, (if you cannot wear a mask stay home) and to be temperature checked. If you have a favorite section, you  must reserve your tickets by emailing brsdirt@charter.net by Thursday October 8th. Any requests received after that cannot be filled, but tickets are available at the gate. We want to again thank everyone for their continued cooperation, we continue to work to improve our process and procedures, and from what we are hearing most fans are very happy to be back at the track, and are thankful for our efforts to keep all of us safe, we sincerely appreciate your understanding and continued support.

KEEP POINTS TO KNOW and REMEMBER we are working under the “arrive, play and leave” mentality. Groups may not gather before during or after activities (no tailgating, etc.). You will NOT be able to go into any section but the one your tickets are in. You will NOT be able to leave the grandstand area to go out to your vehicle. NO ONE will be able to come out of the pits to see you. You can NOT arrive before the gates open to save your seats. You will be required to provide your name and phone number for contact tracing purposes. Again we are working under the “arrive, play and leave” mentality.

Grandstand Gates will open at 12:00pm gates and will be closed at 2:00 pm. No entry will be allowed after that time. You will be required to enter your designated ticket area or pits immediately upon arrival, there will be no “tailgating” before during or after the events. The entertainment begins at 1:00pm(ish) based on conditions.  Once the events have concluded everyone will be required to leave the facility. Once you enter designated ticket area or the pits you will not be able to leave, (there will be no reentry), if you leave you will be required to leave the property immediately.

April May and Butch have a couple more on airs with Stephen John for all the updates happening at the Ridge every Friday morning from 6:30 to 7:00 on WYKR.

Bear Ridge Speedway is as an alcohol-free family friendly entertainment spot, with our goal to make each experience at the Ridge better than the last. Remember “Dirt where every lap is the last lap” we continue to offer the best source of good inexpensive high-quality entertainment for families.

Bear Ridge Speedway is located off exit 16 of I91 on to Rte 25 west 1 mile to South Road up the hill to Kidder Rd. The green will wave every Saturday at 6:00 pm(ish). Be sure to check the web www.bearridgespeedway.com and Facebook at www.facebook.com/bearridgespeedway  Questions can be sent to brsdirt@charter.net

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – 53rd Season of Racing sponsored by Newport Chevrolet night

99ROCK Weekly Racing Series

Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT

Saturday September 25/26, 2020


Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds (100 laps)

1st       00        Jason Gray (started 4th)

2nd      91nh    James Fadden(started 21st)

3rd       34        Richie Simmons (started 2nd)

4th       24        Jordan Fornwalt (started 1st)

5th       26ny    Derrik McGrew Jr (started 7th)

6th       4          DJ Robinson (started 11th)

7th       7          Chris Murray (started 20th)

8th       26        Jeremy Huntoon (started 14th)

9th       9          Michael Dunn (started 13th)

10th     10s      Ryan Christian (started 20th)

11th     27        Kyle Ashford ®

12th     14        Nate Locke

13th     17        Jim Morgan

14th     12        Ryan Farnham

15th     55        Cainen Schulz ®

16th     51        Bryan Bigue

17th     3          Jeff Huntington

18th     28        Josh Ruel

19th     37        Todd Randlett ®

20th     21D     Randy Geake ®

21st     18        Matt Lashua

22nd    86        Mike Ryan (DNS)

23rd     77        Wayland Childs (DNS)


Fast Time: Jason Gray (14.187)

Non Feature winner/Last Chance Growler qualifier: DJ Robinson

Growler winner: 00 Jason Gray


Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds Coupes (60 laps)

1st       21e      Matt Ellsworth (started 4th)

2nd      22        Thomas Placey (started 8th)

3rd       3          Jason Horniak (started 9th)

4th       93        Ricky Sanville (started 15th)

5th       12        Cody Gregoropoulos (started 10th)

6th       28        Bob Shepard (started 6th)

7th       16        Brian Chaffee (started1st)

8th       09        Tad Kingsbury (started 2nd)

9th       83        Tim Martin (started 3rd)

10th     23        Derrick Stearns (started 12th)

11th     10        Ryan Christian

12th     69        Alexander Pushee ®

13th     2          Tim Hodge

14th     91        Earl Maxham

15th     50        Tyler Stygles

16th     18        Cody Copeland

17th     71        Josh Harrington

18th     1          Jeremy Hodge

4          Jeff Robbins (DNS)


Fast Time: Cody Gregoropoulos (15.360)

Non Feature winner/Last Chance Growler qualifier: Tyler Stygles

Growler winner: Matt Ellsworth


C.A. Miller Limited Late Model Feature (20 Laps)

1st       10        Ryan Christian

2nd      71        Todd Dunham

3rd       117      Matt Piper

4th       83        Thomas Coates

5th       32        Tyler Tremblay

6th       1          Tyler Maxham

7th       316      Nicholas Longley

8th       70        Rob Rugg

9th       61        Richard Downing

10th      17        George Osgood

11th     3          Deven Stearns


Fast Time:       Ryan Christian (15.038)


LaValley’s Building Supply Dirt Stockers (25 Laps)

1st       7          Chris    Murray

2nd      71        Jesse   Dunham

3rd       98        Mike    Wright

4th       21        Lucas  Wheeler

5th       78        Troy     Prentice

6th       87        Phil      Hayes

7th       6x        Chris    Cole

8th       63        Mike    Stender

9th       34        Jon      Duprey

10th     0          Kaleb   Shepard


Fast Time:       Chris Murray (16.479)


Peanuts Auto Four Cylinders (20 laps)

Feature one:

1st       65        Buddy  Welch

2nd      89        Garrett Brown

3rd       27x      Blake   Buccellato

4th       98        Tom     Brown

5th       07        Santana Merritt

6th       54        Katie    Burroughs

7th       62        Wayne LaBree

8th       11        Nathan Ranker

9th       60        Dustin  Towle

10th     22        Jonathon Baker

11th     17        Shane  Stygles

12th     88        Joey    Thibodeau®

13th     71/5     Sawyer Harrington®

14th     80        Eric      Baker


Feature two:

1st       13        Jason  Porter

2nd      49        Kevin   LaForest

3rd       20        Pete     West

4th       9          Zach    Audet

5th       55        Rick     Stygles

6th       6          Clayton Fennimore

7th       53        Travis  Burroughs

8th       90        Donald Champney

9th       4          Shawn Bell

10th     8          Devin   Bell

11th     2          Taber   Andrews®

12th     66        Robert Audet

13th     0          Logan  Martin

14th     1          Cooper Hodge

15th     24        Bobby  Bell


Fast Time:       Jason Porter (17.465)


HEAT one:      Jason Porter

HEAT two:      Buddy Welch

HEAT three:    Garrett Brown

HEAT four:      Pete West


Mike Estrada State Farm 4/6 Cylinder Enduro

1st       505      Brandon Gray

2nd      72        Cody Hodge

3rd       13        Jason Porter

4th       00        Jeff Mitchell

5th       20        Devin Bell

6th       86        Alex Theroux

7th       79        Jon LaForest

8th       93        Tyler Travis

9th       44        Eric Lundblad

10th     97        Cary Hunter

11th     55        Karl Sheldon

12th     61        David Berry

13th     9          Matt Peck

14th     47        Spencer Braley

15th     91        Shannon Allard

16th     27        Travis Crease

17th     64        Steven Sheldon

18th     23        Mike St Lawrence

19th     39        Katie Young

20th     34        John Dupree

21st     3          Kyle Blakeman

22nd    98        Donald Champney

23rd     36        Joe Doucette

24th     95        Taylor Sayers

25th     78        Parker Piper

26th     6          Clay Fennimore

27th     35        Aren Keene

28th     96        Tyler Hoyt

29th     66        Nathan Ranker

30th     30        Lisa Austin

31st     37        Perley Champney

32nd    52        Shawn Goodwin

33rd     40        Shawn Bell

34th     59        Trevor Irwon

35th     69        Collin Morse

36th     15        Julia Morse

37th     63        Dayton Blake

38th     21        Daniel Marchbanks

39th     67        Don Reynolds

40th     26        Jordon Mears

41st     17        Jason Langmaid

42nd    82        Ben Elder

43rd     1          Chris O’Dell

44th     28        Cadin Caron

45th     41        Mary Jane Pike

46th     19        Dan Allard

47th     62        Jeremy Bill

48th     83        Kiki Willey

49th     32        Ryan Sayers

50th     18        Devin Spinks

51st     75        Chase LaFoe

52nd    74        David Wilder

53rd     65        Johsua Peck

54th     51        Hunter Lafond

55th     87        Ryan Goodwin

56th     70        Troy Duprey

57th     58        Kaleb Bingham

58th     31        Adrian Langmaid

59th     14        Geoff Durphey

60th     42        Josh Pike

61st     12        Eric Carroll

62nd    77        Phillip Basaldu

49        Simon Mears DNS

90        Tiellar Mitchell DNS


WYKR Sprint Cars of New England

1st       61        Will Hull

2nd      17        Chris    Donnelly

3rd       23        Travis  Billington

4th       91        Scott    Holcomb

5th       31B      Mike    Bosco

6th       73        Jacob  Williams

7th       69        Floyd   Billington

8th       8          Tyler    Austin

9th       68        Caleb   Lamson

10th     71        Jim      Lowery Jr

11th     4          Wade   Prentice

12th     41        Rick     Stone


Fast Time:       Chris Donnelly (12.639)



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Phone: (802) 222-405