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Adam Pierson beats out Kevin Chaffee for the win in the DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds

Shepard holds on to the points lead for another week despite Melvin Pierson’s win in the DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes


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BRADFORD, VT – The Race Against Cancer Topless night sponsored by Dead River Co netted a nice chunk of change for this great nonprofit and some great exposed racing for the fans. Topless night means no wings for the Sprint Cars of New England and no roofs for the Sportsman Modifieds, any other car that can take their roof off is encouraged to do so, and several of the Limited Late Models and a Sportsman Coupe joined in the fun. Sorry Guys shirts were still required for all.

Adam Pierson claims back to back wins bragging the win in the USAC DMA Midgets at Albany Saratoga Friday night and then in the DIRTcar Bond Auto Parts Sportsman Modifieds Saturday night at the Ridge. Pierson took the lead away from rookie Steven Flint on lap twenty seven. Pierson would be challenged by Kevin Chaffee but would be unable to take away the win having to settle for the brides maid postion. TC Forward was your final victory lane visitor. Jordan Fornwalt came home in fourth with Steven Flint holding on to fifth his best finish of the year.

With the end of the season only four weeks away the points battle combined with a full moon can make for some extra exciting racing. Bob Shepard currently on top struggle as he made his way to the front and was only able to make it to the fifth place spot. Melvin Pierson the big dog hunting for the points lead was able to narrow the gap with his win over Jason Colbeth. Brian Chaffee was unable to hold off Pierson and Colbeth slipping from the point after leading for nine laps to the third and final victory lane spot. Michael Danforth came home in fourth.

The USAC DMA Midgets were off having raced at Albany Saratoga on Friday night, a Bear Ridge Speedway points event. Adam Pierson was able to claim the win over Seth Carlson and Derek Graham. Brett Hearn driving a Skip Matczak machine come home fourth with Dean Christensen rounding out the top five.

In the Crazy Ed’s Limited Late Models Tim Martin grabbed his fourth win of the season with points leader James Fadden coming home in second and Ryan Ovitt in his second trip to the Ridge finishing third. Matt Lashua and Doug Boucher completed the top five.

Mike Ryan advanced thru half the field to take the lead a little over half way thru the event and cruised on to his seventh win of the season. As he works to tighten the gap between him and point leader Justin Severance having Severance finish one spot behind makes the challenge difficult. Severance did finish second with Jesse Durkee coming home in third. Charlie Lakin and David Durkee finished the top five.

Bear Ridge Speedway’s 48th season of stock car racing heads into the home stretch for the summer with the beginning of September, meaning there are only four racing events left for the 2015 season. Up next on Saturday, September 5th a full card of racing with the USAC DMA Midgets sponsored by Valley Floors. Plus a 4/6 cylinder Enduro.

Regular general admission pricing applies for the 99Rock Weekly Racing Series at $10 for adults (age 18-61), $8 for teens (12-17) and seniors (62+), and $2 for children; Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Racing begins at the famous “6:00-ish” start time.

Bear Ridge Speedway is located on Kidder Road in Bradford, VT, just off Exit 16 on Interstate 91. For more information, call (802) 222-4052 or visit


UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – Dead River Co. Inc. night

99ROCK Weekly Racing Series

Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Bond Auto DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Feature (40 laps)

1st           15              Adam Pierson

2nd          73              Kevin Chaffee

3rd           1x               TC Forward

4th           24              Jordan Fornwalt

5th           40              Steven Flint®

6th           42c            Josh Currier

7th           10              Derek Graham

8th           34              Richie Simmons

9th           91              Tim Tucker

10th         OO             Jason Gray

11th         20              Chris Chambers

12th         5                 Gary Siemons

13th         11              Josh Sunn

14th         88              Thomas Kimball

15th         O1              Mike Gendron

16th         10s            Ryan Christian

17th         4                 DJ Robinson

18th         9                 Michael Dunn

19th         36              Brian Whittemore

20th         12              Steve Bell®

21st         12c            Jamie Ferland®

22nd        115            Tom Forward

23rd         42T            Robert Tucker


Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupe Feature (30 laps)

1st           33             Melvin Pierson

2nd          18             Jason Colbeth

3rd           16             Brian Chaffee

4th           44             Michael Danforth

5th           28             Bob Shepard

6th           24             Jeremy Beckley

7th           2               Tim Hodge

8th           22             Thomas Placey

9th           71             Josh Harrington

10th         43             Earl Maxham

11th         13             Buster Kathan

12th         5               Johnathan Covey

13th         20             Tom Chaffee

14th         21e           Matt Ellsworth

15th         3               Jesse Smith



1      76      Adam Pierson

2      7        Seth Carlson

3      5        Derek Graham

4      2        Brett Hearn

5      69      Dean Christensen

6      4        Kevin Chaffee

7      17      Mark Cole

8      47      Scott Holcomb

9      22      John Heydenreich

10    64      Andrew Barrows

11    29      Anthony Nocella

12    6        Frank Malec

13    1R     Jeff Horn

14    18c    Mike Chaffee

15    1W    Ray Miller

16    33      Tim Gallant

17    46      Kenney Johnson

18    9        David Moniz

19    11      Alex Rose

20    67      Josh Sunn

21    71      Cal Chandonnet

dns 15      Jeff Champagne

dns 21      Barry Kittredge


Crazy Ed’s Limited Late Model Feature (20 laps) top 5

1st           83             Tim          Martin ®

2nd          91             James     Fadden

3rd           77             Ryan       Ovitt

4th           18             Matt         Lashua

5th           91x           Doug       Boucher


Weglarz Property Management/F.M.S. Auto Parts 4-Cylinder Feature (20 laps) top 5


1st               86                  Mike           Ryan

2nd              4J                   Justin          Severance ®

3rd               88                  Jesse          Durkee

4th               3                    Charlie       Lakin

5th               6                    David          Durkee


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